What You Should Know About Shed Approvals in WA

Sheds can meet a wide variety of needs for homeowners in Western Australia. From storage space to housing machinery, sheds can offer some additional covered space for possessions or hobbies without the more expensive and intricate requirements of other buildings. The process of getting approvals for sheds may also be easier, or completely unnecessary, depending on several factors. Do I Need Shire Approval to Build a Shed? In many situations, you do not need shire approval for your shed. In … [Read more...]

Determining Your Shed’s Wind Rating, And Why It Matters

If you're looking at putting up a shed, you're likely considering a number of factors. One detail you may not have thought of is a wind rating. Keep reading to learn what a wind rating is, how it affects the shed you choose, and why it matters. What Is a Wind Rating? The explanation is simple: a wind rating is assigned by your council to certain areas. The rating itself is determined based on a number of factors, including the geographic region, topography, shielding, and terrain. Wind … [Read more...]

Storing Agricultural Chemicals and Pesticides? Read This First!

Barns and farm storage sheds in the Perth area are often used for storing agricultural chemicals and pesticides. Unfortunately, not every barn or shed is up to Australian Standard AS 2507-1998 and not every owner adheres to the Dangerous Goods Act of 1985 or the Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) regulations set forth in 2012.   At Action Sheds Australia, we are compliance experts with years of experience of providing sheds that are fully compliant with all regulations. In … [Read more...]

Protect Your Crop from the Elements

Farm storage sheds are replacing silos as the preferred choice for storing crops in the Perth area and across WA. As profit margins become slimmer and slimmer for many farmers, it is important to maximise every crop. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that the storage medium is perfect for your crops. That way, you can ensure less spoilage and higher quality, which can fetch a higher price at the market. For years, most farmers used silos for crops such as wheat. In an era … [Read more...]

Tips in Designing Your Shearing Shed

For farmers and those in the agricultural business, there are a number of different kinds of sheds and units that are necessary to run all of your operations. One would be a shearing shed for the production of wool from sheep. If your farm does this, you may be looking to get a new shed soon to increase productivity. Here are a few things you should consider: In with the New The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you plan on renovating the shed that you currently have … [Read more...]

How to Efficiently Store Hay in Your Farm Shed

In the Perth area, there are a number of farms and agricultural centres, wherein sheds are used as storage areas for necessary machinery, equipment, animals and produce. One of the most common items that you will find in a farm shed is hay. Hay storage may sound simple but there are different things you need to consider to ensure that the hay for your farm animals will not go to waste. Indoor Spaces Covered and enclosed sheds are popular places to keep hay and indoor storage is … [Read more...]

Advantages of Storage Sheds in Farmland Applications

When it comes to agriculture, large storage sheds are absolutely vital for any farm or similar land anywhere in Perth and beyond. Those who own and operate rural farmlands know that many different large machinery are essential in the farming process and they should be housed in durable sheds. In addition, farmers need a place to store their crops, hay and other perishables and their farm animals should have decent shelters as well. It goes without saying that sheds are very important for life on … [Read more...]

We Built a Farm Shed in Crossman and the Customer Wasn’t Even There

We get a lot of orders for farm sheds in WA, and we’re pleased when we recently got one in Crossman. This one was extremely interesting because the person for whom we built the shed was away while we installed it. The shed was a premier domestic shed, and we ended up giving it a few special touches to make sure that it was perfect for its surroundings--both immediate and further out. We installed the shed For Barry Blair as a workshop, with feedback and instructions from his wife, Kerry. We … [Read more...]