Building a Shed on Sloping Land

Just because your land is sloped doesn't mean building a workshop, storage, agriculture, or another type of shed is impossible. There are a few more steps and considerations, but done properly, it could end up being the best use of that otherwise wasted space. Here's what you need to know. The paving slab and timber sleeper foundation can accommodate a small slope if you cut a little on one side of the slope and build up crushed stone on the other. For this article, though, we are focusing on … [Read more...]

What You Should Know About Shed Approvals in WA

Sheds can meet a wide variety of needs for homeowners in Western Australia. From storage space to housing machinery, sheds can offer some additional covered space for possessions or hobbies without the more expensive and intricate requirements of other buildings. The process of getting approvals for sheds may also be easier, or completely unnecessary, depending on several factors. Do I Need Shire Approval to Build a Shed? In many situations, you do not need shire approval for your shed. In … [Read more...]

Determining Your Shed’s Wind Rating, And Why It Matters

If you're looking at putting up a shed, you're likely considering a number of factors. One detail you may not have thought of is a wind rating. Keep reading to learn what a wind rating is, how it affects the shed you choose, and why it matters. What Is a Wind Rating? The explanation is simple: a wind rating is assigned by your council to certain areas. The rating itself is determined based on a number of factors, including the geographic region, topography, shielding, and terrain. Wind … [Read more...]

The Importance of Proper Lighting in Your New Work Shed

Many people use their backyard sheds for doing yard work and other home improvement projects. This is an excellent use of the structure, but if you do use your shed as a type of workshop, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Safety is the biggest concern and having proper lighting is key to proper safety measures. Safety First Whenever you are working in a home shed, proper lighting is a major component to maintaining a safe environment for a number of reasons. If you … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Maximising Organisation in your Shed

Storage sheds are often built in the home’s backyard for one main purpose: to house all of the items used in that can’t fit comfortably inside the house. However, sometimes the clutter becomes too great in the shed, it can’t hold everything that you might want it to. When this happens, it’s time to reorganise the inside of the shed to be able to fit more things and space can be maximised with the right techniques. Reorganisation The key to maximising the efficiency of your storage … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Door for Your Garage or Shed

Sheds and garages have many uses for any home, including storage space and the housing of vehicles. However, something about sheds that is often taken for granted is the type of door that is used. The door you use is very important, especially for garages, because it is the only thing standing between your possessions and potential thieves and ruffians, but there are other practical reasons for choosing the best possible door as well. Maximum Security Not only are automobiles kept … [Read more...]

The Advantages to Wind Locks on Roller Doors

If you have a lot of items and don’t have enough space to keep them all, storage sheds may be exactly what you need for your Perth home. Storage sheds are the perfect storage solution for your backyard and can also be combined with garages, as many of your Perth neighbours have done. If you decide to have us erect a shed, then you obviously want the safest and most secure. Some quality sheds have roller doors that you can build up with optional extras. If you opt for such add-ons, our wind … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Protect Your Backyard Shed from Moisture

Any Perth sheds, whether they are used as barns, garages, stables or storage sheds, are susceptible to moisture invading and collecting in the interior. Even in a climate as hot and dry as that of Perth, moisture can be a problem. How Moisture Gets In Most sheds have plenty of hidden entry points for moisture. If the shed is not correctly finished, moisture can seep in through the walls. If a shed is directly on the ground, water can seep up into the walls and the frame from points of … [Read more...]