Building the Perfect Shed for Your Livestock

When you are building stables and barns, the sheds that you construct do not only impact you; they also affect all of the animals that dwell within them. As it is, you want to ensure that you build the shed not only with your agricultural interests in mind, but also mindful of the health and well-being of your livestock. Expert Design Before construction begins, the design process is key to ensuring that your barn or stable turns out in the best interests of your livestock. … [Read more...]

The Importance of Proper Ventilation in Your Barn

When we talk to prospective customers about barns or stables in our Perth office, the subject of ventilation often leaves them at a loss. Those with cows and horses understand that ventilation is important, but often those who just use a barn for machinery don’t understand that their barns need adequate ventilation, too. Here is a look at the three main reasons that it is important to ventilate your barn: comfort and health for you and your animals, fire safety and building … [Read more...]

Weatherproof Your Shed With These 4 Simple Tricks

If you don’t weatherproof your shed or any other structure, there’s a chance that water will seep in, eventually causing damage to your shed, as well as the equipment and items that you so carefully stored there. Obviously, that can’t be a good thing. In fact, such problem may even prove to be quite expensive in the long run. With that in mind, here are some simple weatherproofing tricks for your shed: 1. Start at the Bottom As much as possible, your shed should not directly connect … [Read more...]

Top Tips to Consider When Designing Your Perfect Stable

To be able to build the perfect stable, you need to prepare for it. There’s no other way of going about it. Yes, whether you’re a big breeder with 100 horses or own just one horse, you need to have the right plan for building your stable. This will make your structure more efficient and more cost-effective at the same time. Here are some stable-designing-and-building tips that you should take note of: Look Into Your Site Requirements If you’re building a barn or a stable, it … [Read more...]

The Top 3 Reasons Why a Steel Barn is the Better Choice

If you’re planning to build a shed or barn in your Perth property, chances are you’re mind is a bit frazzled and confused as to which materials you should be using for your impending project. Should you go for a wooden shed? How about a steel barn? What specific design would offer the best benefits? These are probably just some of the questions hounding you. And you know what? The answer is actually pretty simple. The better choice is a steel barn. Why? Here are some reasons that … [Read more...]

Barn Stables or Traditional Stables: Which One Should You Choose?

At Action Sheds Australia, we provide a wide variety of arenas, stables and barns. We can build to kit specifications or we can custom build a shed, barn or farm building to your specifications. Many of our customers in the Perth area know exactly what they want, while others consult with our experts to determine which of our offerings best suits their needs. We carry Durastall stables and can install them in either popular building for stables. Here is a comparison of the two types of … [Read more...]

Design Considerations for Your Custom Horse Barn

Horse owners are a rare breed. We have provided a lot of barns and stables in the Perth area and we have learned 2 important things about horse owners: they love their horses and they know exactly what they want. Consequently, most horse owners pass up standard barns and stables in the Perth area for a customised version. There are many factors to take into consideration when designing a custom horse barn. We have learned through experience that it is far more efficient to plan now than … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Protect Your Backyard Shed from Moisture

Any Perth sheds, whether they are used as barns, garages, stables or storage sheds, are susceptible to moisture invading and collecting in the interior. Even in a climate as hot and dry as that of Perth, moisture can be a problem. How Moisture Gets In Most sheds have plenty of hidden entry points for moisture. If the shed is not correctly finished, moisture can seep in through the walls. If a shed is directly on the ground, water can seep up into the walls and the frame from points of … [Read more...]