5 Little-Known Benefits of Converting Your Carport into a Garage

Do you have a carport but not a garage? While carports provide a relative degree of protection for your car or truck, they don’t provide as much as a garage would. Garages are quite versatile, too. Here are five benefits you will see by converting your carport into a garage. Your Home is Instantly Worth More If two homes are the exact same but one has a garage and the other a carport, the one with the garage will be worth more and command a higher sale price. Adding an inexpensive … [Read more...]

Gable and Skillion Roofs on Carports: How are They Different?

Carports are popular structures that serve as roofs over the owner’s automobiles. While every carport, by definition, serves this function, they may have certain characteristics that make them different. If you look at our options at Action Sheds Australia, you will see that our carports have two different styles of roofs: gable and skillion. While the differences aren’t too vast, it is useful to know the details of the two so that you can decide which one you would prefer for your … [Read more...]

Garages or Carports: Which is Better for You?

Anyone who owns a car or any vehicle needs a place to keep it in their home, preferably over a roof rather in a driveway to protect it from the elements and potential weather damage. Well, there are two major types of structures that you could own to house your car: garages and carports. While both have advantages and disadvantages, deciding which one is best suited for you is key to deciding which kind of shelter your automobile should have. Garage Benefits The main benefit of owning … [Read more...]

Carports: More than just for Cars

While most people seem to think that carports are just about being stables for cars, there is more to the story than that. Carports, or at least the best kind of carports, can have a variety of different uses. The most obvious is that carports are designed to put a roof over your car to protect it from the elements. By their very definition, they serve this function with their simple design. Shaped like sheds without walls, carports are easy to make room for and can make a real difference when … [Read more...]