Add Value to Your Home with an Action Sheds Garage

We at Action Sheds Australia are all about providing people with the structures that they need, whether it may be sheds, stables or barns. Through our top-of-the-line structures and services, people can reasonably expect that they will get structures that will not only be of high-quality, but durable as well. And there’s more that we can offer to our current and prospective clients... Looking for a good garage for your home? An Action Sheds garage just might be the perfect choice. We … [Read more...]

Creating Space for a Functional Workshop

At Action Sheds Australia, we offer a wide range of garages and workshops to our customers in the Perth area. Virtually everyone who calls us about a shed does so because they want more space. Whether it’s for storage or a workshop, a shed is a great way to add space at a fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar building. In addition, our sheds are sturdy and can abide as much wind as most garages or conventionally built sheds. There are basically two ways to increase workshop space: buy … [Read more...]

Tips for Making Your Garage Safer

If you are not careful, your garage can be the most dangerous place in your home. Many garages have chemicals such as oil, pesticides, petrol and paint laying close to a large, moving door. Flammable chemicals and moving parts can be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t careful. Courtesy of a company called Merlin, here are some tips for making your garage safe. The Garage Door is Not a Toy Children like using little remotes to move big pieces of machinery such as a garage door. Under … [Read more...]

10 Security Tips for Your Shed

While we would all like to think that Perth is a place where security is unnecessary, this is the 21st century. Those who have garages and storage sheds know that even in Perth and its suburbs, some security measures are necessary to keep potential thieves away. Outdoor items such as golf clubs, power tools, bikes and lawn mowers are often targets for those who would rather steal your possessions than work for their own. Here are 10 things you can do to reduce the likelihood of theft from … [Read more...]

Tips on How to Make Your Shed Liveable While You Renovate Your Home

Storage sheds can be used for a variety of purposes in any home or business in the Perth area. Is it possible though to live in a shed and would anyone even want to? Normally, this is not a good idea but when your house is under renovation or construction and it’s temporarily uninhabitable, sheds and garages can make great temporary dwellings until your Perth home is complete. However, before you move in to your shed, certain steps must be taken first. Meeting the Standards In Perth … [Read more...]

Who Else Wants to Have an Endurance Structure with a Guarantee?

For many years, our company has provided top quality garages and other storage spaces to all of WA and beyond. In this endeavour, we only use the best materials and features so that you can get the best product possible. It is because of this belief in our products and our commitment to customer service that we offer prime guarantees to protect your storage sheds for many years to come. Many Sheds for Many Uses We know that people need sheds for a variety of reasons and our vision starts … [Read more...]

A View from Above: the Benefits of Skylight Roofing

When building all varieties of sheds and garages in WA, it is a good idea to take advantage of the plentiful sunlight and use skylight roofing. This extra feature is a great addition because it provides natural lighting and is better for the environment. Natural lighting The most obvious advantage to installing skylights to a shed is that you get more natural light streaming into the building. This may seem pointless for storage sheds which are only accessed when the owner needs something … [Read more...]

Custom-made Sheds: Prime Designs for Any Occasion

With a range of various uses, there are many people in Perth and beyond that could use quality sheds for home and business purposes. Whether it’s for storage or housing specific equipment, having the right kind of shed with the best possible quality is key. At Action Sheds Australia, we strive to provide our customers with just that. A Full Range of Sheds Are you looking for a shed for your home or business? If so, well, there is a large spectrum of uses for these structures and for every … [Read more...]