Enhance Your Shed with These Optional Extras

Storage sheds, stables and garages, whether you’re in Perth or any other part of the world, can be very good additions to your house or business. After all, such structures not only give owners a new place to work or unwind, but these can actually make your home complete. It is worthy to note, however, that building your shed or garage is just the first step. To make things even better, you can always opt to introduce a few improvements for added effects. What improvements? Here are … [Read more...]

A Guide on How to Maintain Your Colorbond Garage Door

Using a Colorbond garage door for your shed or garage can be a very good idea, considering that these doors are packed with features that can help make your structures more efficient and even more durable. It is worthy to note, however, that although Colorbond garage doors have been specifically designed and tested to endure the harsh climates and weather conditions of Australia, proper maintenance is and will always be important in keeping them in shape. With the proper maintenance, … [Read more...]

Benefits of COLORBOND® Sheds and Garages

At Action Sheds Australia, we are proud to carry products made of COLORBOND® steel from BlueScope. We fully believe that COLORBOND® is the best product of its kind on the market and are very confident that we are providing the strongest, safest sheds in Australia. Here are some of the benefits that make COLORBOND® such a great bargain for homeowners. Strong and Durable COLORBOND® has an oven-baked finish that resists blistering and flaking, even in the harsh Perth climate. COLORBOND® … [Read more...]

5 Little-Known Benefits of Converting Your Carport into a Garage

Do you have a carport but not a garage? While carports provide a relative degree of protection for your car or truck, they don’t provide as much as a garage would. Garages are quite versatile, too. Here are five benefits you will see by converting your carport into a garage. Your Home is Instantly Worth More If two homes are the exact same but one has a garage and the other a carport, the one with the garage will be worth more and command a higher sale price. Adding an inexpensive … [Read more...]

Custom Made Sheds Provide Flexible Solutions for Your Home or Business

At Action Sheds Australia, we carry a lot of different sizes of sheds, barns and garages. We have many kits available for do it yourself customers, while many prefer to have us erect the sheds for them. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that we provide more custom sheds than shed kits. While we appreciate the simplicity of shed kits and we understand that a lot of people just need some more space and don’t care what their shed looks like, we can do a lot more by building a … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Door for Your Garage or Shed

Sheds and garages have many uses for any home, including storage space and the housing of vehicles. However, something about sheds that is often taken for granted is the type of door that is used. The door you use is very important, especially for garages, because it is the only thing standing between your possessions and potential thieves and ruffians, but there are other practical reasons for choosing the best possible door as well. Maximum Security Not only are automobiles kept … [Read more...]

Garages or Carports: Which is Better for You?

Anyone who owns a car or any vehicle needs a place to keep it in their home, preferably over a roof rather in a driveway to protect it from the elements and potential weather damage. Well, there are two major types of structures that you could own to house your car: garages and carports. While both have advantages and disadvantages, deciding which one is best suited for you is key to deciding which kind of shelter your automobile should have. Garage Benefits The main benefit of owning … [Read more...]

Ventilation Options for a Shed

Barns, stables, garages and storage sheds all have one thing in common: they can benefit from adequate ventilation, especially in the Perth climate. Here is an overview of ventilation for sheds. Why Ventilate a Shed? There are two main reasons to ventilate your shed: dispersal of excess heat and prevention of mould caused by damp air. Heat in the summer is usually magnified in a shed due to the sun shining directly onto a metal roof. The roof absorbs more heat than the walls due to … [Read more...]