The Importance of Proper Ventilation in Your Barn

When we talk to prospective customers about barns or stables in our Perth office, the subject of ventilation often leaves them at a loss. Those with cows and horses understand that ventilation is important, but often those who just use a barn for machinery don’t understand that their barns need adequate ventilation, too. Here is a look at the three main reasons that it is important to ventilate your barn: comfort and health for you and your animals, fire safety and building … [Read more...]

Advantages of a Sliding Garage Door

We have installed a lot of garages in Perth, WA, and one of our favourites is the sliding door garage. The sliding door mechanism increases space in your garage, making the building itself more versatile.   How does a sliding door increase space? A sliding door slides on “runners” or “tracks” that are located at the top and at the bottom of the door. The runners must be sturdy enough to provide stability and provide years of service. The tracks usually go around the inside … [Read more...]