Choosing Lighting for Your Stable

You have decided to build a new barn with Durastall stables for your farm in the Perth area. You have learned how a barn made of BlueScope Steel from Action Sheds Australia can save you money while providing years of service. You already know that adequate ventilation is of paramount importance for the health of both you and your horses. But have you considered the lighting? You not only want your stables to be well-lit, but you also want the electrical systems that provide the lighting to … [Read more...]

Building the Perfect Shed for Your Livestock

When you are building stables and barns, the sheds that you construct do not only impact you; they also affect all of the animals that dwell within them. As it is, you want to ensure that you build the shed not only with your agricultural interests in mind, but also mindful of the health and well-being of your livestock. Expert Design Before construction begins, the design process is key to ensuring that your barn or stable turns out in the best interests of your livestock. … [Read more...]

Selecting the Right Flooring for Your Stable

A stable is an excellent place for your horses to live and play in, but a lot of planning goes into, or should go into, its construction. If you are planning on building a new set of stables, then flooring is one of the most important factors you should consider because it is vital to the health of your animals. A Hard Sell The two major kinds of flooring are those that are hard and those that are soft, and each have subcategories underneath them. Hard floors are popular for stables … [Read more...]

Top Tips to Consider When Designing Your Perfect Stable

To be able to build the perfect stable, you need to prepare for it. There’s no other way of going about it. Yes, whether you’re a big breeder with 100 horses or own just one horse, you need to have the right plan for building your stable. This will make your structure more efficient and more cost-effective at the same time. Here are some stable-designing-and-building tips that you should take note of: Look Into Your Site Requirements If you’re building a barn or a stable, it … [Read more...]

Stop “Horsing Around”: Stable Design and Ventilation Are Crucial For Your Horses

As we may already know, horses are meant to roam around the outdoors, where they can run around and be in their natural environment. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible all of the time. There are many factors, such as bad weather or when the horse has been injured, which can require that they stay safe and sound indoors. To keep your horses safe, you need to make sure that their stables and indoor environment are as safe and as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, you might end up doing them … [Read more...]

The Main Reasons Why Action Sheds Australia Trusts Durastall

As a leading provider of stables and sheds in Perth and other Australian locations, we at Action Sheds Australia are quite prudent and careful in finding the right “partners” who can help us provide the excellent products and services that we are known for. When it comes to stables, we’ve found the right partner in Durastall. With the help of Durastall, we have been able to supply clients with world class stables that offer more than just usability to users. And for that, we are quite … [Read more...]

Barn Stables or Traditional Stables: Which One Should You Choose?

At Action Sheds Australia, we provide a wide variety of arenas, stables and barns. We can build to kit specifications or we can custom build a shed, barn or farm building to your specifications. Many of our customers in the Perth area know exactly what they want, while others consult with our experts to determine which of our offerings best suits their needs. We carry Durastall stables and can install them in either popular building for stables. Here is a comparison of the two types of … [Read more...]

Common Shed Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Whether it is for home or work, storage or shelter for animals, or for any other purpose, sheds are very practical. Whatever the reason for wanting to erect a new shed, you want it to serve its function the best it can and that means constructing it the right away. There are a few key things that you should try to avoid when building a shed. While these mistakes are common, with the right level of professionalism, they can be prevented. Know Your Boundaries The first thing you need … [Read more...]