Achieving Better Internet Connectivity in Your Shed

While backyard sheds are often used to store tools and materials for home projects, commercial sheds are more commonly used for office space. Even some domestic sheds can be used as home offices. Wherever they are, sheds used as workspaces rely heavily on having plenty of electricity and just as importantly, good Internet connection. With high-quality Internet connectivity, you will be able to get all of your computer work done that much faster and from the peace and quiet of your home or … [Read more...]

Perth Area Regulations to Consider when Installing a Garden Shed

When installing garages, stables or storage sheds in the Perth area, we always recommend making sure that you know your local council regulations. Currently, there seems to be an Australia-wide movement on the part of councils to make it easier to erect smaller sheds, thus freeing the Councils to focus their attention on approving bigger buildings with more variables in need of regulation. While this is generally good news for anyone considering a shed, it doesn't mean that there are no … [Read more...]

Levelling Up with a New Garden Shed

There are many types of sheds that can be used by Perth residents to enhance their homes. From garages to different kinds of storage sheds, you can surely find one that will fit your needs and situation; whatever you decide on, you can be sure that it will add value to your property. Now, among the many types available in the market, there is one in particular that is trending as one of the hottest sheds that can increase both the efficiency of space and appearance of your home—the garden … [Read more...]

Advantages of Storage Sheds in Farmland Applications

When it comes to agriculture, large storage sheds are absolutely vital for any farm or similar land anywhere in Perth and beyond. Those who own and operate rural farmlands know that many different large machinery are essential in the farming process and they should be housed in durable sheds. In addition, farmers need a place to store their crops, hay and other perishables and their farm animals should have decent shelters as well. It goes without saying that sheds are very important for life on … [Read more...]

A View from Above: the Benefits of Skylight Roofing

When building all varieties of sheds and garages in WA, it is a good idea to take advantage of the plentiful sunlight and use skylight roofing. This extra feature is a great addition because it provides natural lighting and is better for the environment. Natural lighting The most obvious advantage to installing skylights to a shed is that you get more natural light streaming into the building. This may seem pointless for storage sheds which are only accessed when the owner needs something … [Read more...]

What to Consider When Building a Storage Shed

There are many people who want to have extra space to store their belongings. If you’re one of them, then building your own sheds can be a great solution for your Perth home. Custom designing and then building or ordering your own shed is a great way to create extra storage space for yourself. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before you draw up the plans to start building. Purpose The first thing you should ask yourself before you start building your storage sheds … [Read more...]

Custom-made Sheds: Prime Designs for Any Occasion

With a range of various uses, there are many people in Perth and beyond that could use quality sheds for home and business purposes. Whether it’s for storage or housing specific equipment, having the right kind of shed with the best possible quality is key. At Action Sheds Australia, we strive to provide our customers with just that. A Full Range of Sheds Are you looking for a shed for your home or business? If so, well, there is a large spectrum of uses for these structures and for every … [Read more...]

A COLORBOND Garage and Workshop in Kalamunda

Garages and storage sheds are great solutions to a lot of problems for many Perth residents and for far less money than a bricks and mortar construction. Recently, Chris in Kalamunda needed both a workshop and a garage. When many people hear the word “shed,” they think of a flimsy shed from one of the “big box” stores, which comes in a kit with little support and less customisation options. At Action Sheds Australia, we only carry ShedSafe certified sheds. This means that every shed is … [Read more...]