The Benefits of Custom-Designed Sheds

Sheds are often an amenity that is taken for granted, yet the functions they serve and the advantages they offer are undeniable. These advantages are boosted even further when a person decides to build a customised shed because then they are able to truly reap all of the benefits of having a shed. Spatial Construction One of the biggest advantages to constructing a customised shed for your backyard is that you are guaranteed to have enough space. While a pre-ordered shed may or may not … [Read more...]

Turning Your Workshop into a Home Office

Many business-people that work from home like to have their own space to be able to concentrate and get work done in. Because of this, home offices have become popular in many modern homes. Sometimes, however, there is not enough space in the home for a home office, although one may be necessary or greatly desired. When this happens, there is another solution: convert your shed or workshop into, or build a new structure to be used as, a home office. Cleaning It Out If you currently … [Read more...]

Why Should You Choose Action Sheds Australia?

We know that the market for sheds, barns and garages in the Perth area is extremely competitive. We know that you can find advertisements for hundreds of “Johnny Come Lately” shed dealers in the Perth area. So, why should you choose Action Sheds Australia? Let’s take a look at a few reasons. World Class Customer Service It all starts with the finest customer service in the industry at every phase of our operation—from the first time you call us or walk in to our store to the moment … [Read more...]

Creating Space for a Functional Workshop

At Action Sheds Australia, we offer a wide range of garages and workshops to our customers in the Perth area. Virtually everyone who calls us about a shed does so because they want more space. Whether it’s for storage or a workshop, a shed is a great way to add space at a fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar building. In addition, our sheds are sturdy and can abide as much wind as most garages or conventionally built sheds. There are basically two ways to increase workshop space: buy … [Read more...]

A Workshop in Gooseberry Hill

At Action Sheds Australia, our workshops are often used as combination workshops, storage sheds and garages. In Gooseberry Hill, a Perth suburb, we recently installed a 12 x 9m workshop for Walter S. Walter wanted a shed that would house motor vehicles while also providing space for a workshop. He had one hectare of property, so we had plenty of room to find the perfect place for his workshop. Walter used one of our kits. He supplied a concrete slab for a foundation and then we erected … [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons of Window Installation in Sheds

For your Perth home or business, you’re probably thinking about installing some sheds, perhaps for extra storage or space for a workshop. Whatever your reason may be, you may want to consider some additional features before beginning the construction of this project. There are a number of add-ons that you could include in your new shed and one of the most notable is the windows. However, this decision can be a bit tricky since the installation of windows has pros and cons. Air and … [Read more...]

Levelling Up with a New Garden Shed

There are many types of sheds that can be used by Perth residents to enhance their homes. From garages to different kinds of storage sheds, you can surely find one that will fit your needs and situation; whatever you decide on, you can be sure that it will add value to your property. Now, among the many types available in the market, there is one in particular that is trending as one of the hottest sheds that can increase both the efficiency of space and appearance of your home—the garden … [Read more...]

A COLORBOND Garage and Workshop in Kalamunda

Garages and storage sheds are great solutions to a lot of problems for many Perth residents and for far less money than a bricks and mortar construction. Recently, Chris in Kalamunda needed both a workshop and a garage. When many people hear the word “shed,” they think of a flimsy shed from one of the “big box” stores, which comes in a kit with little support and less customisation options. At Action Sheds Australia, we only carry ShedSafe certified sheds. This means that every shed is … [Read more...]