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Tips on How to Keep Pests Away from Your Shed

Many shed owners in Perth and other areas consider pest and mice infestation as one of the most annoying problems they’ve experienced, especially in farms.

That’s not really surprising, considering that these creatures do not only like to munch on the materials stored in your shed, but they can also cause a lot of damage on the structure itself, including water lines, building foundation and other parts.

How to Keep Pests Away from Your Shed

Vermin can damage your property. To help you get rid of them once and for all, here are some tips that might help keep those pests away:

Store Food Items Securely – keep your food in enclosed containers. This will help keep mice and cockroaches at bay, and will likewise prevent pests from turning your shed into their own little “restaurant.”

If possible, keep pet food away from your shed and store them safely in your home instead. If you really need to put them in the shed, make sure that they are in the proper containers. The same goes if you’re storing garden seeds in your shed.

For grains and other crops in your farm shed, keep them in bags and store them on a platform: 60 cm above the ground and 60 cm away from the wall.

Clean Cookware and Utensils before Storing – if you like to place utensils and cookware in your shed, be sure to clean them thoroughly before storing. Don’t leave oils in the grill or food remnants on the pan. These can be quite attractive to vermin and if you don’t clean them up, you might be shocked at how many “unwelcome residents” have started living in your shed.

Seal Holes – mice and other rodents can easily enter your shed through small holes. Plug or seal holes and gaps in the walls, doors, floors and ceiling to prevent entry. You can make use of mesh wire, caulking tools or cork for added protection. To be doubly sure, use rodent repellent to scare them away.

Place Fragrant Plants Around the Shed – mice, roaches and other pests are not that fond of plants, so place them around your shed. Opt for peppermint and lavender, as these seem to be quite effective in keeping rodents away.

Keep Your Shed Clean and Tidy – don’t leave trash lying around and clean surroundings regularly. The cleaner your shed is: the fewer the pests to worry about.

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