Commercial Sheds

Project Location: Gnangara WA 6077

Within WA: Yes

Client: Paul 

Detailed Project Description (Including Construction Method): Single storey service station with incidental office and storage, first floor mezzanine and non-habitable shed.

Challenges the client faced

A rethink in design

Design consultant, George, designed an office workshop for his brother’s son, Paul, so he could start his mechanical workshop company. The block Paul purchased was in the Gnangara commercial industrial precinct. The Gnangara development covenant called for tilt panel design so the original idea was to construct a tilt panel building, being that most of the buildings in the precinct are built with the same design. However, once George received the prices for the design, he realised he didn’t have the budget to build the project.

George contacted us with his original tilt panel design and asked if we could design the same building and include the office as well with Colorbond sheeting. He required the building to look like a commercial-type building, rather than a shed, so that the shire would accept the design.


We designed the exterior of the building to show roof overhangs and horizontal mini orb cladding half way up the walls in a different colour to give the outside of the building a point of difference and not look like a typical rural type shed. We were able to save George over 30% with the overall cost difference between building the structure from steel compared to tilt panel. He was delighted with the cost savings and the way we finished off the exterior of the building and fitted out the offices.