Farmers spend much of their year managing the challenges of unpredictable – and often destructive – weather, so why put their prized assets at unnecessary risk by leaving them outside or exposed in an unprotected barn or shed? Winters in Australia can be harsh and high winds and driving, drenching rain can play havoc with farm equipment, feed and of course, livestock.  Even a few days of rain can turn bales of hay into garden Read More
Storing Agricultural Chemicals and Pesticides in Farm Sheds
Even though building regulations have changed in recent years and constructing a shed or other type of freestanding outbuilding is now a more streamlined process involving far less red tape, in order to be on the safe side of the law, your starting position should be to seek planning permission before starting to build any type of shed on your property. The process may be as simple as a quick phone call to your local Read More
mezzanine floor sheds perth
Is your shed bursting at the seams?  Could you do with some additional storage or extra floor space? A mezzanine floor could be just the answer to your shed storage woes. Simply put, a mezzanine level is a raised area in a shed or barn (which has a relatively high roof).   The good news is that in Australia, many of the sheds and barns are designed with a raised centre section which provides the perfect Read More
It’s not called ‘mucking out’ for nothing!  Cleaning out your equine friend’s home isn’t the cleanest of jobs, but with some organised planning and a good attitude, you can have a stable maintenance routine that everyone is happy with. Check out these five tips for good stable maintenance: Tip 1:     Have all the right equipment ready Providing a safe, clean environment for your horse is your main priority, but in order to do that, you Read More
When is an Aussie barn not a barn?  When it’s an American barn, of course! The word ‘barn’ is the umbrella term used to describe the large steel constructions which are such a common sight on rural properties all around Australia, but there are actually some clear differences between an American barn and an Aussie one. That said, one design isn’t superior to the other.  When it comes to building a barn, the choice of Read More
Stable Design and Ventilation Are Crucial For Your Horses
Fire season is always an anxious time for horse owners and equestrian professionals around Australia because they know that there’s no such thing as a fireproof building, particularly in agricultural environments. However, there are lots of things that you can do to prepare for the fire season and minimise the risk to your horses and stables. Prepare a fire survival plan. This is your number one weapon in the event of a fire and the Read More
Choosing Lighting for Your Stable
The long, hot Australian summer can be hazardous to equine health, particularly if horses spend long hours in their stables where the interior temperatures can be even higher than those outside because of radiant heat. Don’t risk your horses’ health – have a look at these top five tips for keeping your stable cool this summer. Air vents Hot air rises, so you need to find ways to get the air circulating and create openings Read More
If you’re looking for a new shed, Action Sheds has you covered. We offer durable, top-of-the-line sheds in a variety of styles and sizes that are sure to fit any budget or location. We construct each of our sheds with heavy duty brackets and higher gauge materials. Our staff are trained to deliver and install them to the highest quality & standards so you know you are getting a shed you can depend upon. Shed Read More