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Farmers – Are You Ready For A Rainy Day?

Farmers spend much of their year managing the challenges of unpredictable – and often destructive – weather, so why put their prized assets at unnecessary risk by leaving them outside or exposed in an unprotected barn or shed?

Winters in Australia can be harsh and high winds and driving, drenching rain can play havoc with farm equipment, feed and of course, livestock.  Even a few days of rain can turn bales of hay into garden mulch or harvested grain into cheap feed – and this can mean significant financial losses for the farmer.  Without adequate protection from the elements, equipment can rust, products can become damaged or degraded and vulnerable animals can suffer.

So, what are you doing to protect your valuable assets from the weather?

The very best investment you can make is to build a quality steel shed or barn that will ensure secure and weather-proof storage for your assets, be they machinery, harvest yield, hay or animals.

A large, wide-fronted shed is a flexible and cost-effective storage solution that will extend the life of your assets and give you years of low-maintenance heavy duty service. It is possible to have your shed custom-designed so that the structure is designed around your needs – but importantly, is properly designed to combat any threat of contamination or damage as a result of wet weather.

The quality of the building materials and the quality of the build itself is critical – and a reputable supplier of rural sheds and barns will guarantee their products for many years.  Another key factor in protecting your assets from inclement weather is ensuring that the structure is correctly orientated to provide protection from prevailing winds and rain.

An experienced shed supplier will undertake careful pre-planning before starting the construction to ensure that any open side faces away from the prevailing wind to minimise exposure during storms and rain.  The correct orientation depends on where the new barn or shed is located, so make sure that the shed supplier that you choose has intimate knowledge of local weather conditions in the area.

Appropriate ventilation is also a key factor in the shed design, and because the quality of the hay or other product that is being stored can be compromised by moisture and poor air exchange, it’s important that the storage space is designed to allow natural ventilation which will remove moisture.

Sheds can be custom-designed to suit individual farmers’ needs and can have an open front, individual or multiple bays, roller doors, dividing walls and even mezzanine levels for added functionality.

If you choose Action Sheds Australia, you’ll be partnering with one of the most experienced shed manufacturers in Australia and you’ll get a 10 year structural warranty and 15-year cladding warranty on all their steel products.  You’ll also get quality custom-designed sheds and barns that meet the highest industry standards and which will stand the test of time against the toughest Aussie conditions.

Action Sheds understands the needs of farmers and they know how critical it is for farmers to have adequate protection for their valuable assets.  If you want to find out more about our extensive range of rural sheds, wide-front hay sheds and barn sheds in Perth, please contact us on 1300 778 628.