Add a carport to your home and discover the many hidden benefits to this popular outdoor feature.

Carports are designed either freestanding or attached to the house as a natural extension of the property. Used in this way, a carport can also be used as a sheltered area for entertaining or relaxing in the shade.  If positioned in the right way, a carport can also offer protection to the property by acting as a windbreak.

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Affordable and practical

Carports are cheap to install, making them an economical option for all homeowners. Carports often provide a better use of space than a garage, as the open plan makes it is easier to load and unload a vehicle.

Completely customisable

Carports come in all shapes and sizes depending on the size of the property and the number of vehicles requiring shelter. Action Sheds carports are designed to fit any space, with a variety of materials, colours and roof options available.

Open air environment

Freestanding or attached to the house, the open air design of a carport makes it a perfect area to enjoy the outdoors in the shade, which makes it so much more than a place to store your car.

Various roof options

When designing your carport, choose from flat, pitched or gable roofing. Your choice will depend on your budget and the size or style of your property. Ask one of our friendly staff members for advice today.

Action Sheds Service

Action Sheds design and construct carports that are completely customised to suit your property. Our friendly staff are available to meet on site and provide personal recommendations to help guide you through the process. Our experienced contractors are also available for professional installation services.

We can arrange for your carport to be delivered anywhere across Australia, direct to your site.

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