Shearing Shed Design & Construction

Shearing is vital to the wool industry, the health of sheep, primary producers, and the Australian economy. Shearing is hard work and the days are long. A purpose-built shearing shed from Action Sheds won’t make the days shorter, or the work any lighter, but it can help streamline work-flow and make things more comfortable for both stock and workers. Our range of rural sheds can easily be adapted for use as a shearing shed, or you can contact us for a customised design.

Cost for these buildings are subject to site specific conditions. Request a quote or call us to discuss your requirements.

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At shearing time, a shearing shed is a busy working area. A gable-roofed shed will provide good ventilation which will make the area more comfortable for both workers and sheep. All our sheds come with a range of optional extras including ventilation and windows to promote airflow, and skylights to provide natural light. We can also supply and install insulation to improve the comfort level of your shed.

Customise Size

Our sheds come in a range of sizes, spanning 12 metres and beyond. They can accommodate anywhere from two shearing stations to as many as eight. The internal area of the shed can be easily divided to make separate areas, and a mezzanine floor can be added as an optional extra. Wall dividers can be used to separate shearing stations, and also as a division between unshorn sheep and shearers.


We can provide a range of accessways which can be fitted to any shed. Our range includes roller and sliding doors for livestock entry and exit, and to provide additional airflow. Personal access doors allow workers to enter and exit the shed for any purpose such as setting up equipment prior to the commencement of shearing. They also ensure the building can be fully locked and kept secure during periods where it is not in use.


All our sheds are available in the full Colorbond range and come with a 10-year structural guarantee. They are durable and able to withstand all that the weather can throw at them.

Action Sheds is able to supply shed kits delivered to your property for you to install. We also have a team of experienced contractors available to fully install your shearing shed. Please contact us for more information, or for assistance in designing a customised shed to suit your needs.

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