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Aussie Barn Design Vs American Barn Design

When is an Aussie barn not a barn?  When it’s an American barn, of course!

The word ‘barn’ is the umbrella term used to describe the large steel constructions which are such a common sight on rural properties all around Australia, but there are actually some clear differences between an American barn and an Aussie one.

That said, one design isn’t superior to the other.  When it comes to building a barn, the choice of design usually depends on the desired functionality and individual preference, as each one has its own advantages.

The American barn has a distinctive raised central breezeway with a vertical drop between the main structure and the two symmetrical side awnings.  This central bay is higher and wider than its Aussie counterpart and together with the dropped roofline, it creates a more visually complex (some say ‘interesting’) exterior and a more open interior which lends itself to versatile storage and functionality options.

With a 200 high centre and 7.50 awnings either side, the American barn is the ideal solution where horses are involved as the higher central breezeway can accommodate horse floats as well as caravans. These barns can also be custom-designed for stabling – and with the option of mezzanine flooring, they offer versatile and expansive storage and work spaces.

Another design difference is that the mezzanine floor of the American barn can be extended to the exterior of the barn, creating an undercover balcony for added functionality and improved aesthetics.

The Aussie barn also has a high-pitched central bay with closed awnings on each adjacent side, but it does not have a drop in the roofline.  The centre roof joins directly to the lower-pitched side awnings, which gives it a more modest, classic aesthetic.

Both designs are suitable for a range of purposes including safe and secure storage of farm equipment, livestock and vehicles, work and hobby space and stabling for horses, and can be customised to suit different needs and budgets.  The heights, widths and lengths can all be varied, plus they can accommodate extra roller doors, skylights, ventilation, windows, insulation, mezzanine flooring, personal access doors, internal dividing walls and stable kits to maximise usable space and deliver optimum functionality.

And for a modern take on the classic barn style shed design, you can have your unique construction custom-designed with a more contemporary skillion roof and uneven sized awnings – which can be either open or closed.

If aesthetics are important, it’s good to know that your Aussie or American barn can be constructed from a wide range of Colorbond cladding colours, so it can blend in with the surrounding landscape or stand out proudly.  Either way, you should always choose an established shed builder so that your asset stands up to the rigours of the harsh climate and meets performance expectations.

If you’d like to learn more about Aussie barn sheds in Perth or American barns, unsure of which type of barn is the best solution for your needs or would like to find out about a custom-designed shed, have a chat to the friendly experts at Action Sheds.  All their steel kit buildings are built to the highest industry standards using premium materials and proven construction methods.  They come with full structural and cladding warranties and are Shed Safe-approved, and you can find out more by visiting www.actionsheds.com.au or by phoning 1300 778 628.