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Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Stable Cool This Summer

The long, hot Australian summer can be hazardous to equine health, particularly if horses spend long hours in their stables where the interior temperatures can be even higher than those outside because of radiant heat.

Don’t risk your horses’ health – have a look at these top five tips for keeping your stable cool this summer.

Air vents

Hot air rises, so you need to find ways to get the air circulating and create openings so that the warm air can exit. Depending on the style and construction of your stables, you may be able to install a ridge or gable vent at the highest point of the roof where most of the heat gets trapped. If you install soffit vents at the eaves, they can work in tandem with the roof vent, creating a constant flow of cooler air along the roof line.

Whirly birds

Another option for ventilating your stables is to install mushroom-shaped turbine vents, known as whirly birds on the roof. These devices just need a very slight breeze to get going (Mother Nature does all the work!) and then their spinning blades draw warm air up and out of the roof.


One of your best defences against stifling stables is to keep the air circulating with fans.  Air movement which maximises fresh air not only makes life more comfortable for the animals, it also reduces odours and improves their health. Ceiling fans are more efficient and safer than portable floor fans, plus their powerful airflow keeps flies and other pesky insects away.

Misting systems

Another tip for keeping your stables cool is to use a misting spray. These systems work by pushing ultra-fine droplets of water into the air which then evaporate before reaching the ground. This ‘mist curtain’ cools the surrounding space down, with some systems able to reduce temperatures by as much as 10-15 degrees. It is important to remember however, that these evaporation systems need good airflow for optimum results.

Stable design

The design of your stable plays a big part in what needs to be done to keep it cool in summer. Most modern structures have high, open rooflines and are cleverly designed to maximise natural airflow to help regulate interior temperatures. If you’re erecting new stables or converting a barn or shed into stables, make sure you have appropriate unobstructed ventilation points to maximise air circulation.

Although horses have their own cooling mechanisms, heat exhaustion is a debilitating and even life-threatening condition that can develop when they’re unable to cool themselves sufficiently by sweating. You should know your horse’s normal temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate so that you can recognise the signs of heat stroke and get professional help immediately.

Don’t let your animals become distressed during the hot summer months – take control of your stable’s climate with a cooling solution that suits your budget and your requirements.

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