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Mezzanine In The Shed For Extra Storage

Is your shed bursting at the seams? Could you do with some additional storage or extra floor space? A mezzanine floor could be just the answer to your shed storage woes.

Simply put, a mezzanine level is a raised area in a shed or barn (which has a relatively high roof). The good news is that in Australia, many of the sheds and barns are designed with a raised centre section which provides the perfect opportunity for including a mezzanine floor and additional storage space.

Over and above the extra storage opportunity, a mezzanine level can be used for additional office space or it can be used as the primary workspace whilst the ground floor is used for storage or production.

Mezzanine levels can be added to sheds as well as other types of farm buildings like stables, machinery sheds, warehouses and barns where under-utilised headroom is converted into functional space. With a mezzanine level, you not only get more floor space, you also get the added benefit of increasing your wall and ceiling area which can be used for hanging storage racks etc.

It’s obviously easier and more cost-effective to add a mezzanine level during the construction phase (and it is often a good idea to future-proof your new shed by including a second floor even if you don’t have an immediate need for the space), but it is entirely possible to add a mezzanine floor to an existing structure and to do so with minimal disruption to your ongoing daily operation.

If you’re considering a mezzanine level for storage, these are some of the things you need to consider:

  • What type of materials or items do you wish to store on the second level?
  • What load does the flooring need to hold? (Always consult an expert to ensure that the construction meets building requirements and that the weight loadings are sufficient)
  • The location and type of access to the mezzanine (stairs, handrails etc)
  • How wide, long and high do you want your mezzanine floor to be?

Adding a mezzanine floor to your shed for additional storage can save you money too.

Instead of having to move premises to accommodate your growing needs, pay an off-site storage facility or build another shed, the clever and more cost-effective solution is to go up.

Of course, there are some important considerations before you embark on any construction project and unless you’re confident that you have all the technicalities and building regulations covered, it’s best to get the job done by experienced professionals.

A reputable company like Action Sheds in Australia has decades of  experience building sheds in Perth and knows all the ins and outs of how to custom-design your shed to include a mezzanine floor as well as how to retrofit a second level to your existing structure. They are a family-run business specialising in the supply and building of all steel shed types from large scale industrial, commercial and farming industries through to domestic workshops, garages and carports across Australia and all of their products are manufactured to the highest safety and quality standards and are fully guaranteed.