The recent Queensland floods have once again reminded all of us in Australia that we have to be prepared for natural disasters. While many of us always think that things like floods happen to someone else and not to us, there are also many who realise that it could be us the next time. Since we build sheds and not standard houses, we are going to talk here about how to ensure that your shed Read More
Storage Sheds
One of the most important factors taken into consideration when building a shed is your wind load. This is generally found by determining your wind region and taking other factors into consideration. The short version is to look at the topography of the land, and see how much land, forest, and other buildings may be present to decrease wind speed. For example, in the middle of a big city, there are going to be a Read More
Finding enough office space can be a hassle. As our businesses evolve, we collect a lot of documents. We expand our businesses and hire more people. We amass more office equipment. We have seen a trend as of late where some offices are even using storage pods for their excess. Many use storage off premises. Many just keep piling things up in the office wherever they can find a place to put them. If you Read More
On many farms, the barn is like an old family friend. Some friends age with dignity and class, and look younger than their years. Sadly, though, the years can be rough on some of our friends, and they become a bit “frayed around the edges.” Which category does your barn fall into? Most farmers are very handy with repairs. Many barns were built by the fathers or grandfathers of the people who currently own them. Read More
Anyone who has been paying attention knows that lately, bushfires have been occurring more often and with greater intensity than usual. Since the hot part of summer is here, it is especially important to protect your shed from bushfires. Whether your farm shed is a barn, stable, or storage sheds, you need to take precautions to lessen the risk of them catching fire. Because the standard farm shed as a lot of steel in it, and Read More
Sheds come in many different shapes and sizes for many uses, but after all of the different uses and names, two basic types of sheds are considered the most popular: the cold rollformed portal frame shed, and the structural fabricated steel shed. The cold rollformed portal frame shed is the most common type of pre-engineered shed. It usually arrives as a kit, and the builder assembles it on your property. The main structure of this Read More
Many people hear the word “storage shed” and immediately think that any cheap shed will do. In reality, though, a well-built, well-conceived, well-adorned storage shed can make your property look better, and can provide valuable space for more than just storage. Since a flimsy, substandard shed is more trouble than it is worth, we recommend that you go with either a structural fabricated steel shed or a cold-rolled portal frame shed. Then, you can choose Read More
As the premier distributor of barns, farm sheds, storage sheds, commercial sheds, industrial sheds, and machinery sheds in Perth, we have seen a lot of sheds over the years. We’ve seen some that are great and some that aren’t so great.  That is why we decided to become accredited by ShedSafe, and only carry products with the ShedSafe accreditation. We cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that you buy only ShedSafe accredited sheds. Read More