Commercial Sheds

Project Location: 58 Mount Henry Road, Salter Point WA 6152

Within WA: Yes

Client: Aquinas College

Detailed Project Description (Including Construction Method): Supply and install 75m x 8m x 3m machinery shed and 75m x 7m x 3m carport for storage and car parking. Includes earthworks and concrete as part of the scope.

Challenges faced by the client

We worked with Steve and the finance manager to be able to meet the budget they had to work with for the project. Aquinas College was thrilled that we came in under budget for the full project and over the moon with the strength and quality of the finished buildings.

On site challenges

Steve, the grounds maintenance manager of Aquinas College, needed a company that not only built sheds, but was able to provide a full build from start to finish. Their site was a hill that needed to be levelled and retained to create a level ground for the buildings and retain the side of the roof structure from the road below. This required a huge amount of civil works, including drainage and retaining the rear of the maintenance shed into the hill and the front of the roof cover to allow for the road below. They also needed a company that they could work with that would not break their bank, as Steve would say.


We had our in-house engineers provide the engineering to accommodate for the site levels, allowing us to have a level site for the two buildings. This also ensured we had the correct drainage and retaining required to support the weights of the structures, as well as the 2 metre difference in height between the level ground required to build the sheds to the lower road.