Patios and Carports

Project Location: 58 Mount Henry Road, Salter Point WA 6152

Within WA: Yes

Client: Aquinas College

Detailed Project Description (Including Construction Method): Supply and install 75m x 8m x 3m machinery shed and carport 75m x 7m x 3m carport for storage and carparking. Includes earthworks and concrete and part of the scope.

With our success in producing the maintenance sheds on time and on budget, Aquinas approached Action Sheds to see if we could help them out with the walkway build.

Innovative design requirements

The school required someone to be able to design and construct a massive 100 metre walkway that would be built around existing buildings and join onto walkways and buildings already on site. The major challenge was that one existing building and walkway were 100 metres from each other, as well as being different heights.

Additionally, the ground levels were 1 metre higher at the walkway end to the building, and we also had a building that was a different height to the walkway we were building to join it. This made the project even more challenging.

Shedding some light

One of the major issues Aquinas had was the original walkway was too low and very dark. They wanted something that would be aesthetically attractive and also able to create a lot of light and cover the students from the weather at the same time.


The school had drawings made up that would have cost the school much more than they had budgeted. We spent a few days on site, taking heights and levels of buildings and then came up with a cost-effective design that would work, look great and tick all the boxes. We also ensured that our designs met the requirements for natural light and protection from the weather for the lockers and students.

In the end, our designs saved them about 50% of what their original design would of cost them if they went through with it.