Commercial Sheds


Project Title: Packing Shed

Project Location: Lot 61 Indian Ocean Drive, Woodridge WA

Within WA: Yes

Client: Center West Pty Ltd


The client required an extension to their existing packing shed on their carrot farm that would be integrated with the existing shed to create a larger space so they were able to install there new carrot packaging system and storing of their packaging. The client also required a drainage system that could cope with the large amounts of water coming from the combined roof area of the existing and new sheds, the water discharge from washing the carrots & washing the entire 70 x 30 metre slab. The existing drainage system that flowed to the dam was not detailed in the plans for us to use as a reference.


To ensure we designed and created a drainage system that would connect to the existing system, we had to dig around the existing site to find the original system to create our own blueprint of the plans. Once we had an outline of the existing drainage system, we engineered a new system that would connect to this and be able to take the enormous loads of water that would be flowing through to the dam. We designed, engineered, and created a tapered slab as a part of this system to allow for an easier process of washing out the shed. To ensure that the new shed was designed to integrate with the existing shed, we designed the new shed structure to match up with the existing shed columns on the sidewall and cut two bays to create entry points from the existing shed to the new packing shed.