Commercial Sheds

Project Location: 70 Shepherd St, Beaconsfield WA 6162

Within WA: Yes

Client: City of Fremantle

Detailed Project Description (Including Construction Method):
Supply & installation of 17.5m x 18m x 6m portal frame shed including earthworks and retaining wall.

Challenges the client faced

With all the challenges we had on the site, the City of Fremantle were very pleased with how the issues were dealt with and how the project was completed.

The quality and the time it took to get the job done due to the site issues was something they were delighted with.

Accurate pricing estimates

We were contacted by city of Fremantle 2 years prior to the job going out to tender. At that point they hadn’t confirmed a site that they would allocate to build the shed on. They needed a company that could give them an approximate ball park pricing with inclusions that we would think they would need to accommodate a workshop and staff rooms and toilets. Also, if we could provide drawings of what it would look like at no cost.


We spent a fair bit of time over a couple of weeks to get pricing and drawings to them, allowing for documents to be made up with the site, so they could go out to public tender.

A collaborative partner

They required a company that could work with them. Being a Men’s Shed, they had few members that could do a some of the interior work themselves to save some money.


We were able to supervise the work done by their Men’s Shed members and recommend changes required to meet the right standards. We were then able to sign off on the workmanship and save them a fair bit of money.

On site challenges

Once the job was won, we had a major dilemma due to the fact that the site chosen was a mountain of solid limestone.


We had to rock break 2 metres of solid limestone hill to get down to the level they wanted. We had to spend 3 weeks rock breaking and take out 5 semi loads of limestone. We also had to install a lime stone retaining wall to provide the levels we needed.