Commercial Sheds

Project Location: Gwalia One Mine Site, LEONORA WA

Within WA: Yes

Client: Linkforce

Detailed Project Description (Including Construction Method): Supply and install 35m x 17.8m x 6m shed.



Storage & Maintenance Shed

This project was a substantial extension to an existing storage & maintenance warehouse with a particular set of requirements requested by the client to ensure the addition matched up perfectly with the existing structure. The client also had a tight budget to meet for this project.

1. We had to design the new addition to suit the existing structure and ensure their racking layout would fit in the new warehouse. The client did not have precise drawings of their existing structure that would allow us to accurately design a shed to perfectly line up the bays of the two sheds.

Recommendation: We tried to design the addition with the provided drawings, however, the design was going to be too small for the space. To make sure the addition would be the correct size and match up perfectly with the existing shed, we flew out to the site to see it in person and take our own measurements. We were then able to design a larger shed which would fit the racking layout required by the customer and that lined up perfectly with the existing shed. We also designed a box gutter to fit the new structure that would be able to cope with the extra storm water removal that would be added with the installation of the new shed.

2. Due to the nature of the ground on site, a large amount of hard digging was going to be required to install the shed footings for the shed. This would have pushed the project cost up significantly.

Recommendation: We designed and engineered a specific custom concrete slab for this project that optimized the concrete cost and cut down on the hard digging that would have been required. This considerably cut down the concrete costs and as a result, the total job cost.