Commercial Sheds

Project Location: 1 Beard Street, Naval Base WA 6165

Within WA: Yes

Client: Shinagawa Refractories Australasia Pty Ltd

Detailed Project Description (Including Construction Method):  Supply and install 30.95m x 42.665m x 6.25m shed. Includes earthworks, concrete and parking as part of the scope.



Processing & Storage Warehouse

This project was a major extension to an existing processing plant warehouse with a tight schedule and budget. We worked with Phil to meet the requirements for the project while also considering the budget he had to work with. He was delighted that we came in under budget for the full project and met all requirements of the structure and project with no delays.

1. The new extension to the existing processing & storage warehouse needed to be fully installed whilst the existing warehouse and processing plant were still in operation. This needed to be done with no holdups or interruptions to the workmen that were on site.

Recommendation: We worked closely with the processing personnel, to ensure our concrete and installation process

2. There were many challenges faced with meeting the requirements for the fire codes. Due to the size of the shed and the nature of the warehouse, extra thought needed to be put into this project to ensure all fire safe standards were met and adhered to.

Recommendation: To meet the requirements for the fire code, we supplied and installed a tilt panel wall between the existing warehouse and the new extension with a fire-rated sliding door that could be automatically activated in case of a fire emergency. We worked with a fire engineer to upgrade their systems to meet the code and water pressure required.

3. The product that was being stored in the existing shed and storage bays was extremely sensitive to the weather, specifically water. If the product were to have gotten wet, it would have been ruined and consequently discarded, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost product to the customer. This product was stored against the adjoining wall which was to be removed to install the new fire regulated tilt panel wall.

Recommendation: The construction of the shed took place during winter, so extreme care and extra measures were taken whilst building the extension. Tarps were used to ensure that the product was not compromised when the wall was removed. Precise scheduling of the construction of the new warehouse and simultaneously moving the product during the brief 2-day dry period ensured the product stayed dry when it was moved to the new facility.