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Garages or Carports: Which is Better for You?

Anyone who owns a car or any vehicle needs a place to keep it in their home, preferably over a roof rather in a driveway to protect it from the elements and potential weather damage. Well, there are two major types of structures that you could own to house your car: garages and carports. While both have advantages and disadvantages, deciding which one is best suited for you is key to deciding which kind of shelter your automobile should have.

Carport or Garage by Shed Providers

Garage Benefits

The main benefit of owning a garage is that it is a fully enclosed structure. This means that you can load and unload items into the car, as well as get children in and out, under a full covering, giving you more privacy and shelter from rain and other weather conditions. Because of this feature, garages offer increased security while you are not around because they can be locked up and held more securely.

In addition, garages contain much more space for storage of other items and machinery. Things like lawnmowers and other gardening tools, as well as boxes of all shapes can be stored in a garage which can’t be in a carport.

Carport Benefits

There are some advantages however that carports offer. Carports are much more cost-efficient and easier to erect near a home. While garages are larger and more costly, carports are cheaper and can be built virtually anywhere with little time and effort. If you are on a budget, carports are recommended instead of garages.

Furthermore, carports can serve other functions than just protecting your automobile from weather damage. For example, when the car is not in it, you can use the roof to hold a social gathering or barbeque in a fun and outdoor environment.

An Auto Home

No matter what kind of automobile you own, you want to make sure that it stays safe and clean. Both garages, with their enclosed security and storage space, and carports, with their economic benefits, are great options for any Perth home to be able to house your vehicle. Either one can be completely customised by you to suit your home perfectly.

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