What You Need to Know Before Erecting an Aircraft Hangar

Of the many sheds we have erected around Perth, one of the most fun is the aircraft hangar. Aircraft hangars come in many sizes, from an individual helicopter hangar to a giant, commercial hangar at an airport. One of the main advantages to having a shed company erect an aircraft hangar as opposed to traditional construction is that you can save a lot of money. Sheds save a lot of money per square metre over traditional building and aircraft hangars take up a lot of square metres. Even a … [Read more...]

Security Tips for Your Aircraft Hangar

At Action Sheds Australia, we are known for the variety of sheds that we have erected in the Perth area. From single car garage-sized workshops to industrial sheds that house entire factories, we have pretty much done it all. But one thing you might not know is that we have also erected a lot of aircraft hangars. An aircraft hangar can be used at an airport, but many farmers buy them and use them as farm sheds, occasionally storing a crop-dusting plane or even a private helicopter--not to … [Read more...]

Flying High with the Perfect Aircraft Hangar

Action Sheds Australia offers the best selection of all types of workshops, garages, storage sheds, and more. We have all the different types of sheds that you may need, and aircraft hangars are some of our most interesting selections. We have an excellent assortment of aircraft hangars for whichever kind of craft you need to house. The best part of our hangar program is that all are completely customisable. This means that height, width, and length are entirely up to the discretion of you, the … [Read more...]