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The Meaning Behind “ShedSafe Approved”

Meaning Behind “ShedSafe Approved”Sheds are important to many people for many different reasons and every one of them wants to make sure that their shed is the best that it can be. Some sheds come with a recognised label, stating that the unit is “ShedSafe approved.” What exactly does this phrase mean and what does it have to do with the quality of a shed? This accreditation ensures the quality of both the actual shed and the company that is selling the shed as being among the top in the industry.

Craftsmanship of the Manufacturer

The first tier in this approval label is addressed to the maker of the shed, proclaiming that the shed is indeed of a higher calibre than most. This is not just the manufacturer boasting and trying to market their own product. Rather, this is an accreditation granted by a third party stating that the shed has undergone strict review and is found to be of top quality.

In addition, this seal means that the shed in question is in complete compliance with Australian guidelines for shed building and material building, meaning that it is legal and above all, safe for the owners.

Service of the Seller

The “ShedSafe approved” label means one more thing and this one is in regard to the seller of the shed. Companies and individuals that are marked with this proclamation have undergone extensive training in the art of shed building.

This not only means that they know all about the business and how to construct a shed, but they will also do everything that they can to ensure that you, the customer, will get the perfect shed to suit your needs. They will also provide you with any kind of necessary advice.

A Higher Standard

The “ShedSafe approved” message is indeed more than just a label. Shed manufacturers that have received this accreditation hold higher standard and will provide only the best quality sheds. In addition, sellers with this accreditation will draw upon their education and experience to provide you with the best possible customer service and help you attain the best shed possible.

Action Sheds Australia is ShedSafe accredited and we would be glad to help if you call us on 1300 778 628.