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What to Consider When Building a Shed to Live in

Depending on your situation and life circumstances, it is not unusual to build a shed to use as a permanent dwelling rather than a house or other structure. This is not a bad idea as it is more cost effective and also better on space. Some also build a shed to live in while a house is being built during the in-between phase. Before you do decide to erect your living shed however, there are a number of things you should consider, including certain legalities.

What to Consider When Building a Shed to Live in

Legal Factors

When a massive wave of bushfires swept Western Australia in 2009, many new laws were enacted to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again. While this certainly increases the safety of a developed area, it unfortunately disallows the building of sheds as permanent dwellings because they often do not meet the required standards.

However, is it still possible to move forward with your plan if you obtain the necessary permits and design the shed with the proper standards in mind. These requirements involve the size of the shed and how it is built. When in doubt, consult your local authorities.

Practical Considerations

Legalities aside, there are a few other things you’d want to keep in mind before you commit to building your shed as a dwelling. These factors include commodities that you would want to have in your shed. Fitting the structure with smoke alarms and other safety measures is important for protection against dangers.

You’d also want the dwelling to be relatively comfortable. Could you install enough windows for natural lighting? Are there adequate facilities for hygiene and laundry? Is pest control a possible problem? All of these are worth considering before you build.

A Livable Shed

Throughout the Perth area and other parts of the state, sheds are not uncommonly used as dwelling places either temporarily or permanently. Before you build however, you must attain the proper permits for building and design the shed in a way that would be comfortable for you. We are always at the ready to help you design the perfect shed for your situation and this kind of shed is no exception.

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