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10 Security Tips for Your Shed

While we would all like to think that Perth is a place where security is unnecessary, this is the 21st century. Those who have garages and storage sheds know that even in Perth and its suburbs, some security measures are necessary to keep potential thieves away.

Outdoor items such as golf clubs, power tools, bikes and lawn mowers are often targets for those who would rather steal your possessions than work for their own.

Here are 10 things you can do to reduce the likelihood of theft from your shed.

1. Restrict Access

Make it tougher for thieves to access your shed by building a fence or a hedge around your back garden. A garden gate with a lock doesn’t hurt, either.

2. Visibility

If your shed is easily visible from inside of your house but not easily visible from the street, thieves will be less likely to target your shed.

3. Under Lock and Key

We recommend a good quality hasp and padlock. Make sure the screws from the hasp cannot be accessed by a screwdriver. Non-returnable screws or coach bolts are always a better choice. If you used a closed-shackle padlock, it is harder for thieves to access it with a bolt-cutter.

4. Check the Hinges

Check the hinges to ensure that they can’t be easily removed. Non-returnable security screws or coach bolts are a good idea here, too.

5. Check the Doors

Your doors need to be thick and sturdy enough to resist physical pressure such as kicks.

6. Check the Windows

Do whatever you find necessary to ensure that nobody can see inside of your shed through the window. This is an invitation to thieves, complete with an inventory of goods.

7. Step Into the Light

A security light installed by a licensed Electrician in Perth that comes on when anyone comes near the shed after dark will go a long way toward deterring thieves. Thieves are like cockroaches; they scatter when the lights go on.

8. The Alarm

Buy an alarm for your shed: even an inexpensive one will do.

9. Secure Your Ladders

A ladder laying around is an invitation for thieves to rob the upstairs portion of your home.

10. ShedSafe

Buy a ShedSafe certified shed built of sturdy materials. Not only are they safer, they are also harder to break into. Call 1300 778 628 to learn more.