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Tips on How to Make Your Shed Liveable While You Renovate Your Home

Storage sheds can be used for a variety of purposes in any home or business in the Perth area. Is it possible though to live in a shed and would anyone even want to? Normally, this is not a good idea but when your house is under renovation or construction and it’s temporarily uninhabitable, sheds and garages can make great temporary dwellings until your Perth home is complete.

Make Your Shed Liveable While You Renovate Your Home

However, before you move in to your shed, certain steps must be taken first.

Meeting the Standards

In Perth and other cities, it is currently illegal to actually live in sheds or similar buildings. However, to get around this, it is legal to live in a building that meets the proper codes, even sheds if they pass inspection. Therefore, you want to engineer the building so that it is considered a higher class of building and fit to be resided in.

Talk to your local private certifier or council and they can work with you in processing paperworks and getting approved. However, if you build your shed right and with the appropriate requirements, you will be fine.

Going for Comfort

Once you know that you actually can live temporarily in your shed, the next step is to consider certain conditions so that you will enjoy living in it. Depending on how long it is going to take for your house to be completed, you want to make sure that your shed is comfortable during your stay.

Consider bringing in some small furniture that you probably already have. When building the shed, remember to include features that will make it easier to regulate light and temperature, such as extra windows and a better ventilation system.

Living in the Shed

Even though it’s only a temporary situation, it is sometimes a good idea to live in a shed while your main home is being built or renovated. If this is the case, make sure your shed is deemed liveable by engineering standards. Also, when building your shed, custom-design it to make sure that you get the extra features needed to make life comfortable for you, even just for the short duration of your occupancy.

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