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Building the Best Commercial Warehouse

A number of companies in Perth and in other areas have the need for commercial sheds that can provide storage space while also accommodating offices for employees. It is an excellent idea to combine these two kinds of buildings together into one unit to save on space, construction time and money. The sometimes tricky part is designing the building so that it can meet all of these requirements but still look professional. Luckily, we can do all of that.

Commercial Sheds in Perth

A Healthy Balance

The key to designing a multipurpose building is to make sure that you have enough legroom for the offices, as well as the storage area and be able to create an appropriate balance between these spaces. You don’t want to have a very roomy depository area because you won’t have enough room for offices and the structure will look more like a warehouse than an office complex. On the flipside, some commercial sheds in Perth make room for plenty of offices but neglect to have enough room for storage to make it effective. The key to this problem is to make sure that you have enough room for both while maintaining a nice outward appearance.

Professional Appearance

In addition to functionality, you also want to make sure that your structure looks professional from the outside. While a warehouse is very useful, you don’t want the appearance of your office building to look like one because it will send off a message that the offices are not as important.

Generally speaking, storage space is placed on the first floor of the building while the second is reserved for offices. This design, coupled with an expert exterior appearance, will keep your new structure looking sharp, conveying the message that you are “serious” with your business.

Prime Commercial Sheds

With all of the storage and office spaces that companies often need, it is a good idea to invest in a structure that can perform both functions at the same time. Commercial sheds do just this and if built correctly, they can help build the image of your company.

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