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Perth Area Regulations to Consider when Installing a Garden Shed

When installing garages, stables or storage sheds in the Perth area, we always recommend making sure that you know your local council regulations. Currently, there seems to be an Australia-wide movement on the part of councils to make it easier to erect smaller sheds, thus freeing the Councils to focus their attention on approving bigger buildings with more variables in need of regulation.

Regulations for Shed Installation in Perth

While this is generally good news for anyone considering a shed, it doesn’t mean that there are no obstacles left. The shed approval and permit process has been streamlined considerably in all states, but it is still wise to keep a watchful eye on local council regulations.

Western Australia Regulations for Sheds

The “magic number” that determines whether or not you need a building licence in WA is 10 square metres. Any shed 10 sqm or larger requires a permit. If your shed is smaller than 10 sqm, you don’t need one unless your local council requires it. However, there are some guidelines that must be followed to erect a shed without a building licence.

First, your shed must be placed behind the front setback line. It is also not allowed to interfere with any vehicular sight lines. However, if it complies with Building Code of Australia fire safety requirements, which means it is at least 900 mm away from any other structure on the property, it can be located to the rear or side boundary, even if that boundary is a secondary street.

There are, however, some important building quality factors. The shed must be built from quality materials in a structurally sound manner and it must be held down to prevent the wind from turning it into a missile. In addition, all stormwater on the property must be harvested and transported to an approved stormwater system.

For a shed to be small enough, it can be no taller than 2.4 metres above the natural level of the ground. The floor or deck may not be more than 500 mm above the natural level of the ground. The shed cannot be located in a conservation precinct.

If you have any doubts, it is recommended that you talk to a Council Building Surveyor. It is also recommended that you discuss any plans with your neighbour, especially if you intend to locate your shed up to the boundary or if your shed is going to be built of reflective material.

It is also recommended that you ensure that your property isn’t under any restrictive covenants. Local regulations may require that you submit a detailed site plan and some may not allow you to erect a shed without a permit. We recommend that you check all local regulations before making your decision.

If your floor area is greater than 10 sqm you will have to submit a building licence application. Usually, sheds larger than 10 sqm are subject to different setback regulations than smaller sheds. In addition, some garages, sheds and cubbies are subject to planning approval in areas such as rural areas and conservation areas. Ridge heights and total floor areas are often subject to limits.

How to Ensure Compliance

One of the easiest ways to ensure compliance is to have your shed designed and erected by professionals such as Action Sheds Australia. We have sold and erected literally thousands of sheds for thousands of people during our time in business. Sheds are our only business and we make it a point of pride to know as much about our profession as possible.

Not only can we guide you through the process, but we know where extra permits are needed and where they aren’t. We have erected sheds of all sizes, from small storage sheds to large commercial office and warehouse complexes and everything in between.

This has given us a lot of experience in working with local councils to ensure 100% compliance. We know who to contact and what to do to ensure that your shed is compliant with all local, state and national regulations. This is not only better for you, but it is better for us because we care about our reputation. We would not have nearly the testimonials or a spotless record if we took shortcuts or allowed our customers to take shortcuts.

Our sheds are made of the finest materials and all carry the elite ShedSafe certification. Don’t trust your shed or your home to any company using inferior materials. If it doesn’t have ShedSafe certification, it is more likely to become a missile and damage your home during severe weather.

Call Action Sheds Australia for a free consultation: 1300 778 628. Our sheds and garages in Perth are built to last.