Get Your Shed Summer Ready Now

As all who own sheds know, summers in Perth can be harsh. They produce temperature extremes that can make a shed very uncomfortable to work with. Whether it’s a barn, storage shed, garage or industrial shed, the Perth climate can make it dangerous for work and damage its contents if not properly ventilated and insulated. Insulation The choice of materials in a shed can make a huge difference in how well it is insulated. If your shed is too hot in the summer, there is a good chance that … [Read more...]

The Importance of Proper Ventilation in Your Barn

When we talk to prospective customers about barns or stables in our Perth office, the subject of ventilation often leaves them at a loss. Those with cows and horses understand that ventilation is important, but often those who just use a barn for machinery don’t understand that their barns need adequate ventilation, too. Here is a look at the three main reasons that it is important to ventilate your barn: comfort and health for you and your animals, fire safety and building … [Read more...]

The Perfect Barn for Your Horses

If you own a farm and you raise some animals, then you know that they need a healthy and comfortable place to live and grow in. Horses in particular hold a special place in the hearts of many people, so the desire to build the perfect barn for them is very common. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can include in its design that will make it a perfect dwelling for your horses. Interior Size When horses live in a barn or stable, one of the most important things to remember … [Read more...]

Key Flooring Considerations for Your Shed When Housing Cows

Dairy cows are an integral part of any farm or agricultural setting, so farmers all over the country build barns specifically to house the cows that produce milk. Well, it is an excellent idea to build a barn, but you should consider its design to make sure that it can accommodate your cows and provide a comfortable and healthy environment for them. One of the most important factors that should be thought about but often taken for granted is the type of flooring. Take note that if you choose … [Read more...]

Tips in Designing Your Shearing Shed

For farmers and those in the agricultural business, there are a number of different kinds of sheds and units that are necessary to run all of your operations. One would be a shearing shed for the production of wool from sheep. If your farm does this, you may be looking to get a new shed soon to increase productivity. Here are a few things you should consider: In with the New The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you plan on renovating the shed that you currently have … [Read more...]

Ventilation Options for a Shed

Barns, stables, garages and storage sheds all have one thing in common: they can benefit from adequate ventilation, especially in the Perth climate. Here is an overview of ventilation for sheds. Why Ventilate a Shed? There are two main reasons to ventilate your shed: dispersal of excess heat and prevention of mould caused by damp air. Heat in the summer is usually magnified in a shed due to the sun shining directly onto a metal roof. The roof absorbs more heat than the walls due to … [Read more...]

Design Considerations for Your Custom Horse Barn

Horse owners are a rare breed. We have provided a lot of barns and stables in the Perth area and we have learned 2 important things about horse owners: they love their horses and they know exactly what they want. Consequently, most horse owners pass up standard barns and stables in the Perth area for a customised version. There are many factors to take into consideration when designing a custom horse barn. We have learned through experience that it is far more efficient to plan now than … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Protect Your Backyard Shed from Moisture

Any Perth sheds, whether they are used as barns, garages, stables or storage sheds, are susceptible to moisture invading and collecting in the interior. Even in a climate as hot and dry as that of Perth, moisture can be a problem. How Moisture Gets In Most sheds have plenty of hidden entry points for moisture. If the shed is not correctly finished, moisture can seep in through the walls. If a shed is directly on the ground, water can seep up into the walls and the frame from points of … [Read more...]