Storage Shed Planning: Your Ultimate Guide

Storage sheds are useful commodities that are owned by a variety of people all across the Perth area and beyond. These multi-faceted buildings serve a variety of purposes, ranging from extra storage space in a home or a place to house heavy machinery on a farm or agricultural setting. Whatever the reason for owning one, you can’t deny that these structures are indeed practical. However, before constructing your own shed, you should consider several things first. Location, Location, … [Read more...]

Protect Your Farm Shed (and Yourself) from Bushfires

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that lately, bushfires have been occurring more often and with greater intensity than usual. Since the hot part of summer is here, it is especially important to protect your shed from bushfires. Whether your farm shed is a barn, stable, or storage sheds, you need to take precautions to lessen the risk of them catching fire. Because the standard farm shed as a lot of steel in it, and because people are more likely to focus on protecting their homes, … [Read more...]

Different Types of Sheds

Sheds come in many different shapes and sizes for many uses, but after all of the different uses and names, two basic types of sheds are considered the most popular: the cold rollformed portal frame shed, and the structural fabricated steel shed. The cold rollformed portal frame shed is the most common type of pre-engineered shed. It usually arrives as a kit, and the builder assembles it on your property. The main structure of this kind of shed is called the portal frame. It contains rolled … [Read more...]