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Different Types of Sheds

Sheds come in many different shapes and sizes for many uses, but after all of the different uses and names, two basic types of sheds are considered the most popular: the cold rollformed portal frame shed, and the structural fabricated steel shed.

The cold rollformed portal frame shed is the most common type of pre-engineered shed. It usually arrives as a kit, and the builder assembles it on your property. The main structure of this kind of shed is called the portal frame. It contains rolled purlins, batton, girts, brackets, and top hat. All types of cold rollformed portal frame sheds have common cladding and flashings.

In a cold rollformed portal frame shed, the rafters and columns contain purlins which consist of cold rolled C section. The purlins are connected by fabricated brackets which bolt the assemblies together. Once the portal frames are stood, the wall and roof members are added.

The main advantages to this type of shed, and the reason it is so popular, is that it is extremely efficient, can be easily transported, and can be put together onsite without a lot of specialised equipment.

A structural fabricated steel shed is similar to the cold rollformed portal frame shed. The rafters and columns are welded sections such as I beam, H Section, or C channels, and the ends all have welded cleats and joiners. This design is for larger sheds and industrial applications. It is extremely popular for warehouses over 18 metres in width.

Structural steel is very heavy, and requires heavy equipment to assemble. The assembly is fast as the steel is predrilled and bolts together easily, and the sheds are extremely strong.

There are a lot of other kinds of sheds, and a lot of other uses, but we heartily recommend these two frame constructions as the basis of any shed: domestic, commercial, or industrial. We can assemble them quickly, with a minimum of hassle for your home or business, may it be a garage, a machinery shed or a farm shed. These are the two kinds of sheds that are the least likely to create any problems for you in the future, and they are the “cleanest” to erect onsite.

If you want a safe, sturdy building, assembled quickly, that is strong enough to take pretty much any punishment you want to give it, a cold rollformed portal frame shed or a structural fabricated steel shed is the right choice. Contact us today for a quote.