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How to Choose the Right Storage Shed for Your Needs

Many people hear the word “storage shed” and immediately think that any cheap shed will do. In reality, though, a well-built, well-conceived, well-adorned storage shed can make your property look better, and can provide valuable space for more than just storage.

Since a flimsy, substandard shed is more trouble than it is worth, we recommend that you go with either a structural fabricated steel shed or a cold-rolled portal frame shed. Then, you can choose the material for the outside of the shed. While there are a lot of choices out there, the best way to choose the correct shed for your site and use is to get a quote from us.

We are ShedSafe accredited, and we use the ShedSafe questionnaire and algorithm to figure out exactly what you need. Some of the criteria are weather, terrain, distance from the coastline, buildings and environment immediately surrounding your shed, and whether your shed will be on level ground or a hill of some kind. We will also need to know how you intend to use the shed, besides the obvious answer: storage.

Large storage sheds can be used as a backyard office, a mini-equipment barn, household goods, valuable collections, or as a workshop. Some people even build sheds for the purpose of providing personal services such as cutting hair.  It will also be helpful to know whether you will need a lot of electrical wiring, or whether just the basic wiring will do.

Choosing the right size is always a major consideration. Most people estimate small, so we always recommend that you build a shed that is bigger than what you think you will need. Most customers find that they are very happy we recommended a bigger shed for them. We have never heard a customer complain that their shed had too much space.

A lot of people like to try and build their own sheds, but for most people, it’s more trouble than the money they save. It is a lot easier and a lot more efficient to allow professionals who build sheds for a living five days a week build your shed for you. Most people who build their own sheds find that if they paid themselves wages for the time they spent, they would spend a lot more than we charge.

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