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The Skinny on Skillion Patios

One of the biggest trends in Australia over the last year has been the use of open areas and patios for alfresco dining and entertaining at home. At Action Sheds Australia, this trend has resulted in our fielding a lot more requests for skillion patios. Skillion patios are popular because they are inexpensive, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. For many, this will raise a question: “What is a Skillion Patio?”

Skillion Patios

What is a Skillion Patio?

A skillion patio is a patio with a skillion roof. A skillion roof is a flat roof that is installed at a pitch, often at angles of at least thirty degrees. In other words, one end of the roof is a lot higher than the other end. This makes them extremely noticeable.

A skillion patio can be attached to your home or it can be built freestanding. The most common design is for the roof to start at the fascia of the existing home, underneath a gutter and pointing downward from the home. This is helpful for drainage purposes and is more structurally sound. The roof is supported with posts and beams. A gutter is added to the lowest side to carry rainwater away.

What They are Made of

Most skillion patios are made of metal. Ours are made of the finest metal: Zincalume, Colorbond and BlueScope steel. The roof should be solid and structurally sound so that it doesn’t become a projectile during a severe storm. Some skillion patios are made of wood but we recommend using metal because it is stronger and lighter.

Uses for Skillion Patios

We are fans of skillion patios because they can use the space in your yard to add living space to your home. You may not see an outdoor patio as “living space,” but we do because it is used for many functions that are usually done inside of a home. Skillion patios are great for BBQ, sipping your favourite beverages, entertaining or just relaxing. They make great play areas for kids, too.

Talk to Us

At Action Sheds Australia, we have plenty of options for your custom-designed and made skillion patio. We have numerous colours and designs. Our expert staff can help you put some pizazz in your patio.