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Tips for Getting the Approval for Your Patio

Home improvement projects are usually done by homeowners to enhance their house and increase its value. Many decide on adding extra structures or sheds, wherein patios are among the most popular. However, before you can start building your new patio, there are certain channels that you have to go through. Before construction can begin, it is vital that you receive the proper approvals necessary for building a patio or large structure to prevent any legal complications.

Getting the Approval for Your Patio

The Rationale

Why exactly do you need to get an approval before you can build a home patio? Most local councils view patios as significant building structures, meaning that you need a specific permit to build one. After getting permission from your council, you can start building; without a permit, there would be consequences.

Without the necessary approvals, you will probably get a letter from the council asking why you did not seek permission. Worst case and most likely scenario would be you having to pay a substantial fine or be forced to demolish anything that you have built. Even if the council doesn’t notice, which would be rare, you would be in trouble if you had ever wanted to sell the property.

The Process

To avoid potential problems, it is best to seek approval through the proper process. Although the specifics vary by council, you will definitely need to provide a site plan of what you are planning to build, usually at a 1:200 ratio. This plan should show the specifics of the structure as well as its relationship to the rest of the property.

In addition, you will be asked to provide letters from your neighbours stating their consent in the building and an application form for the planning and building. Once everything is turned in, it usually takes about four weeks to receive the approval back.

Seal of Approval

If you are interested in building a new patio or shed on your property, it is imperative that you first go through the process of receiving an approval. By providing your local council with all of the necessary documents, you can avoid any complications and start building and enjoying your new structure.

Approvals are more likely with the assistance of professionals, so feel free to call us on 1300 778 628.