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Benefits of COLORBOND® Sheds and Garages

At Action Sheds Australia, we are proud to carry products made of COLORBOND® steel from BlueScope. We fully believe that COLORBOND® is the best product of its kind on the market and are very confident that we are providing the strongest, safest sheds in Australia. Here are some of the benefits that make COLORBOND® such a great bargain for homeowners.

Benefits of COLORBOND® Sheds and Garages

Strong and Durable

COLORBOND® has an oven-baked finish that resists blistering and flaking, even in the harsh Perth climate. COLORBOND® is installed on a ZINCALUME® base that is corrosion resistant and helps ensure a long life for your garage or shed.

22 Colours

With every COLORBOND® product, you have as many as 22 different colours to choose from. If your home is already equipped with COLORBOND® downpipes, gutters, fence and steel roof, you will always find a colour to make your garage a perfect match with your house.

Most COLORBOND® garages and sheds come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes. If you don’t like them, we can always customise COLORBOND® to build a custom shed or garage for any function you need, such as home office space or storage.

Cyclones? No Problem!

We can provide most COLORBOND® products with a cyclone rating if necessary.

100% Recyclable

All steel is 100% recyclable and is one of the most recycled products in any industry. Due to its light weight, it is easy, cost-effective and efficient to recycle and transport. COLORBOND® is always delivered to building sites pre-cut. This helps reduce on-site waste and less environmental impact.

COLORBOND® looks good and fosters more efficient use of resources.

Australian Made, Australian Owned

COLORBOND® is owned by BlueScope and made in Australia.

What We Offer

We offer a full line of garages and sheds with COLORBOND® roofs. We can supply you with a basic shed for more storage space, a workshop for those who like to work with their hands and garages that will fit one, two or three cars. Many people buy multi-car garages and then turn one car space into a workshop or storage area.

Call Action Sheds Australia today to see what kind of a custom solution we can offer for your storage, workshop or automotive needs.