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Storing Agricultural Chemicals and Pesticides? Read This First!

Barns and farm storage sheds in the Perth area are often used for storing agricultural chemicals and pesticides. Unfortunately, not every barn or shed is up to Australian Standard AS 2507-1998 and not every owner adheres to the Dangerous Goods Act of 1985 or the Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) regulations set forth in 2012.


Storing Agricultural Chemicals and Pesticides in Farm Sheds

At Action Sheds Australia, we are compliance experts with years of experience of providing sheds that are fully compliant with all regulations. In addition, we are ShedSafe certified, which means your building will always exceed the standards set forth by any regulatory agency.

Here are the basic criteria for what is known as a “minor storage area” for agricultural chemicals and pesticides.

1. Structurally Sound and Fire Resistant

Our BlueScope Steel products, such as Zincalume and Colorbond, provide one of the most structurally sound and fire resistant sheds on the market. Your chemicals catching fire are not only costly, but extremely toxic.

2. Avoid Sunlight and Extreme Heat

Don’t store chemicals in direct sunlight because this creates extreme heat.

3. Concrete Slab

Your flooring must be resistant to corrosion; there is never any question with concrete.

4. Bunding

Build a barrier that keeps chemicals from spilling outside of their storage area.

5. Higher Ground

Chemicals need to be stored on higher ground. If they are in a place susceptible to flooding, they can contaminate your ground and your water.

6. Secure Building

Chemicals should always be locked up for safety.

7. Clear Entryway

When carrying chemicals, you don’t want to have to dodge, duck or risk tripping and spilling them. Make sure all passageways are clear.

8. Sturdy Shelving

Make sure your shelving is sturdy and non-absorbing.

9. Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is a must or vapours can build up and ignite, causing an explosion. Even non-flammable vapours are extremely toxic, especially those from insecticides.

10. Do it Right

For a fully compliant storage shed that will keep your chemicals secure and your environment safe, call 1300 778 628.