Top Reasons to Buy a Shed for You and Your Block

While sometimes a commodity that is taken for granted, sheds are useful for a variety of reasons and each is different depending on the purpose. In a sense, sheds are some of the more useful buildings because of the many functions that they can perform and that function can vary person to person and depending on how it is built. What are some of these reasons and why would someone want to build a shed on their property for themselves, their family and their block? Building Extra … [Read more...]

Now You Can Have a Shed with the Perfect Colour!

Whether you need extra storage space, an office, a workshop or a place to house your machinery, sheds can be very useful in a variety of ways—for your home, farm or business in Perth. Many people decide on having sheds built because they are very versatile. In fact, they can be designed and built in a virtually limitless number of ways. At Action Sheds, our clients’ preferences are important and this is the very reason why we have no problem when it comes to customising storage sheds, … [Read more...]

A Workshop in Wycombe

Storage sheds can be confusing. Many people think that they can just go to a “big box” store, buy a cheap shed, put it up, and that they will get years and years of great performance out of it. Usually, though, the cheap product comes up very short of their expectations. Recently, Bryan from High Wycombe called us about erecting a shed on his property. Bryan needed a shed for workshop and storage purposes. Bryan wasn't interested in a cheap, DIY option, and he had another concern: A Council … [Read more...]

Making a Beeline to Beeliar

We like telling about our many successful installations of sheds in Perth. Recently, we received a call from Rosetta and Glenn in Beeliar. Rosetta and Glenn live in a free standing house on a large residential block, and they wanted a bit more room to store their tools--and they needed a lot more room to store their boat. We inspected the site and went with a custom, colour bond, double roller door shed. Our double roller door shed can be used as one giant shed, or it can be used in two … [Read more...]

Don’t Fall into These Shed-Making Pitfalls

A lot of people both in Perth and elsewhere in the country want to build sheds for a variety of reasons. Some need them for commercial or industrial use and some domestically would just like some extra storage space in the backyard. However, before starting to build your shed, it’s important to keep in mind a few things that may give you trouble down the road. There are a few major pitfalls that you could fall into when making a shed that you must be aware of and prepared for. The first thing … [Read more...]

Shed your Old Mindset with New Shed Ideas

Different types of sheds are important to a lot of people for a variety of reasons. Some people use them on farms or in industrial settings to house large equipment and machinery. The majority of people have a shed in the backyards of their homes and use it for storage, and possibly, some light machinery like a lawnmower. While the primary function of a shed would be to store things that a person may not want or need in the house, that doesn’t mean that that’s their only use. There are so many … [Read more...]

Taking Karratha by Storm: One Commercial Cyclonic Shed at a Time

One of the products we are proudest of is our cyclonic sheds. Recently, we went to Karratha to install an entire cyclonic rated commercial development. We offer a wide array of industrial and commercial cyclonic sheds to the Perth area, and we were very excited about this one. The client, SMC Building and Development, had very specific needs and requirements for the building. They needed a cyclonic rated commercial development with both firewalls that allow the entire shed to be built on a … [Read more...]

The Best Garage to Protect your Car and Belongings

Everyone at some point needs a place to house their car and provide extra space. While some storage sheds are better than others, the best kind of garage to fulfill this purpose would be the one designed personally by you. And that’s exactly what we offer. Specialising in sheds and garages in WA and throughout the country, we know that the perfect garage is exactly what you need to keep your car clean and your goods organised. We start off with a few basic models and you fill in the rest with … [Read more...]