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The Action Shed Australia Difference

There are a couple of companies in the Perth area that specialise in designing and building sheds, but none are quite the same as Action Sheds Australia. While other companies are good at what they do, we rise above that to become A-1 at delivering the best quality units possible with friendly and engaging customer service.
Sheds Perth
What separates us from all the rest? There are a number of qualities and qualifications that are standard to us and our work.

First, we believe that your shed should be totally and completely yours. By this we mean that if you’re going to have your own shed, garage, barn, arena or stables, they should be exactly or perfectly answer to what you want or need.

Second, we can accomplish this because we have a very wide range of options for you to decide on when designing your shed–which we work with you. Almost any kind of extra feature imaginable is available through our programs and in colours, too, that will make it look the best it can.

Third, with all these extras though, we don’t forget that the most important thing in a shed is the durability and functionality of it. Because of this, we use metal materials from some of the best names in the business, including Colorbond, Zincalume and Bluescope steel. These products make sure that time and extreme weather won’t undo all of the hard work put into your shed and that it will be around to serve its function for many years to come.

Fourth, in addition to high quality materials and options, our talented staff of engineers and trained professionals know exactly “what” makes the best units and “where.” Combined with reasonable prices, this make for a pleasant and effective shed-building experience.

Fifth, we work with you every step of the designing process but we can also build the shed for you on-site. If you choose this option–and even if you’d prefer it in a kit–we can deliver anywhere in the Perth area, the rest of the country and beyond.

We’d love to share our expertise and superior products with you. For more information about how we can help you build the perfect shed, please call us at 1300 778 628.