What You Need to Know About Cyclonic Sheds

Whether it’s a barn, garage, stable, or storage shed, any sheds built in Perth should be certified cyclonic sheds. We all know how unpredictable the weather here is and you should always be prepared for any weather conditions. Don’t Let Your Shed be a Projectile Inexpensive sheds that aren’t made of the right materials and properly anchored can become projectiles in major storms and can put your house and your entire family at risk. An Action Sheds Australia cyclonic shed is rated, … [Read more...]

Don’t Fall into These Shed-Making Pitfalls

A lot of people both in Perth and elsewhere in the country want to build sheds for a variety of reasons. Some need them for commercial or industrial use and some domestically would just like some extra storage space in the backyard. However, before starting to build your shed, it’s important to keep in mind a few things that may give you trouble down the road. There are a few major pitfalls that you could fall into when making a shed that you must be aware of and prepared for. The first thing … [Read more...]

The Regional Difference of Custom Sheds

Many homes, farms and companies own storage sheds to house their items, equipment and machinery, but what some people don’t realize is that different parts of the country utilize different modifications to them, specifically for their region. This makes sense when you stop to think about the different types of weather that different parts of Australia experience. To combat this weather, or rather to provide a better defence against this weather, your shed should be customised for certain … [Read more...]

Finding the Perfect Industrial Shed

Many companies involved in heavy industry, particularly, some of the mining facilities near Perth, use industrial sheds to house their equipment and more. They are necessary buildings to have when you have a lot of heavy machinery and items such as mined ore, which requires storage. However, for each company and usage bears the question:  What would be the best kind of shed to get for them? The variety of different jobs for a shed like this are as various as the companies themselves that need … [Read more...]

Taking Karratha by Storm: One Commercial Cyclonic Shed at a Time

One of the products we are proudest of is our cyclonic sheds. Recently, we went to Karratha to install an entire cyclonic rated commercial development. We offer a wide array of industrial and commercial cyclonic sheds to the Perth area, and we were very excited about this one. The client, SMC Building and Development, had very specific needs and requirements for the building. They needed a cyclonic rated commercial development with both firewalls that allow the entire shed to be built on a … [Read more...]

Weathering the Storm with a Prime Cyclonic Shed

During the worst parts of the year, the weather can throw storms at us that we are sometimes not entirely prepared for. When this happens, it is of the utmost importance to protect what you have, and one of the best ways is to invest in well-built cyclonic sheds to guard your living and working spaces and valuables. Be it an office or in a domestic area, the weather is not picky about what it can damage. And when these terrible storms do occur, most everything is at risk. This includes your … [Read more...]

Cyclone Season 2012-2013: Summary

As a premier provider of cyclonic sheds in Perth and surrounding areas, we keep an eye on every cyclone season. Cyclone season is officially over, and we have gotten through another one intact. We like to take a look back over the season and see what we could have done better, and what we are already doing great, when it comes to cyclonic sheds. Every time a cyclone or tropical storm hits, it is a miniature referendum on the safety and quality of any shed we have provided and/or erected for our … [Read more...]

Protect Your Business With a Cyclonic Shed

After the close call with Cyclone Narelle, we got a lot of calls asking about cyclonic sheds. There’s nothing like the possibility of disaster to help us remember that we have assets to protect, including ourselves. Although we’ve been really lucky in the Perth area, the weather seems to be more extreme in this era, and you never know when the next cyclone could batter Perth with heavy rains and cyclonic winds. Since 1960, there have been five instances of cyclones coming close enough to Perth … [Read more...]